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Attorney Kadijah Hall is a highly accomplished legal professional with a strong background in aviation law and a passion for serving clients. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management from Texas Southern University and a Juris Doctorate Degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Attorney Hall's expertise in aviation and law uniquely position her to provide exceptional legal counsel in matters about the intersection of aviation and the legal system. She is licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois and Missouri.


Attorney Hall's career began as an FAA Airport Law Attorney, where she gained valuable experience dealing with complex legal issues in the aviation industry. Her time at the FAA allowed her to understand the intricacies of airport regulations and the legal challenges faced by aviation professionals. This experience has proven invaluable in her subsequent legal ventures.


With her extensive background in aviation law, Attorney Hall founded the VL Law Group, where she serves as the Principal Attorney. Under her guidance, VL Law Group has built a reputation for providing excellent legal services to a diverse clientele. Attorney Hall's commitment to excellence and her deep understanding of the unique legal needs of veterans have made her a trusted advisor for many military personnel seeking legal assistance.


In addition to her professional accomplishments, Attorney Hall holds a real-world understanding of aviation as a licensed Private Pilot. This personal experience further strengthens her ability to effectively advocate for her aviation clients, ensuring they receive the highest level of legal representation.


Before establishing VL Law Group, Attorney Hall honed her legal skills and expanded her expertise through her work as an attorney for the City of Chicago and various private law firms. This diverse background has exposed her to a wide range of legal challenges, allowing her to develop a comprehensive understanding of the law and how it can be applied to different situations.


VL Law Group is named after Attorney Hall's grandfather, Army Veteran VL Graves, who served during World War II. This personal connection to the military has fueled Attorney Hall's passion for assisting veterans with their legal needs. She is dedicated to ensuring that her clients receive the advocacy and support they rightly deserve.

Attorney Kadijah Hall's exceptional legal qualifications and unwavering dedication to her clients make her a trusted and highly sought-after attorney in the field. Through her expertise in aviation law and her commitment to serving veterans, Attorney Hall continues to make a positive impact in the legal profession and in the lives of those she represents.

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